Compass Psychology provides clinical psychology services in English to adults and adolescents in the Helsinki area. Compass Psychology was founded by Annabel Battersby and Jane Tuomola who are both qualified clinical psychologists. They are both native English speakers: Annabel is a clinical psychologist from Australia and Jane is a clinical psychologist from the United Kingdom. They are passionate about offering high quality psychological therapy, training and supervision. For more on their personal bios, please read below.

Annabel Battersby

I am an Australian Clinical Psychologist based in Helsinki. I completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of Melbourne, in Australia. The faculty included world class practitioners in clinical psychology. Following that, I worked for Melbourne Health, the major public health employer of the city, in hospital and community health settings. I have also worked in different private practices in the city.

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Jane Tuomola

I am a Clinical Psychologist from the United Kingdom, now based in Helsinki. I offer clinical psychology services in English for adults and adolescents in the Helsinki metropolitan area. My services include individual psychological therapy, psychological assessments, couples therapy, clinical supervision for healthcare professionals and training on a variety of topics.

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Compass Psychology currently has a student psychologist offering counselling services at a reducted rate. You can read more about our student psychologist below:


Aushra Shivitskis


I am a Student Psychologist at Compass Psychology in Helsinki offering counselling services to individuals who prefer to speak in English or in their native language (Lithuanian, Spanish, French or Russian). 


I was raised among cultures, living in Lithuania, Mexico, and Canada before the age of 18, and later as an adult I lived in Australia. I am fluent in several languages: English, Lithuanian, Spanish, French and Russian. Because of my multicultural upbringing, I have always been interested in the psychological aspects of immigration and adaptation to new cultures, also in adaptation to life changes due to an acquired illness and trauma and the process of rehabilitation.


I completed my Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours) from the Open University in the UK and currently I am studying in the second year of the Clinical Health Psychology Masters program at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, specializing in Neuropsychology. I have completed an internship at a Rehabilitation Hospital in Lithuania and have been a volunteer with during the refugee crisis providing emotional support and referrals to new immigrants.


Since the start of the COVID 19 Pandemic, many people have been experiencing difficulties relating to changes the lockdowns cause to their work and life habits, inability to spend time with their loved ones, increased anxiety, isolation, financial stress and fear about the future. I am here to help you find more effective ways of coping with your emotional needs and/or feelings of insecurity.