We offer psychological therapy in English for people living in the Helsinki region. We work with adolescents and adults, and use a number of different therapy styles.

We use the best possible combination of therapeutic methods for your particular need, based on up-to-date research and current best practice guidelines. Our preferred therapy style is short-term or brief therapy, with therapy lasting from a single session to twenty or more sessions in one year.

We like to approach therapy sessions with warmth, and a respectful and attentive attitude. We can offer therapy for the following issues:

  • Depression and stress related problems
  • Anxiety, including panic attacks, social anxiety and phobias (fears)
  • Relationship and family issues
  • Difficulties with working life
  • Adjustment issues due to moving country
  • Chronic health problems and pain
  • Eating disorders
  • Trauma and problems relating to childhood trauma
  • Psychosis and mania
  • Insomnia and sleep problems
  • Grief

In many cases, you may have more than one issue to bring to therapy or your distress may be hard to define. This is completely normal. We want to work with you to help you feel less distressed about whatever your issue may be. The exact diagnosis is less important.

We use a variety of models of therapy such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy and Brief Solution Focused Therapy. We are also interested in positive psychology and well-being science. Our  approach with clients is to offer a collaborative therapeutic experience, drawing on our expertise in psychology and therapy, combined with the client’s own expert knowledge of themselves.

We are not medical doctors so are not able to prescribe any psychotherapeutic medication. Depending on the type and severity of your problem, therapy alone may be recommended, or may be your preference. However, if you wish to combine medication and therapy, we can work with any existing medical professionals involved in your care or recommend medical practitioners to you.

At present we are unable to provide KELA reimbursements for your psychological therapy. If you have private insurance, we are able to fill out any necessary paperwork so that you can claim the costs back.

Our practice, Compass Centre, is a warm and inviting place for all clients to visit. We offer tea and coffee in the waiting room, and if you feel comfortable enough you can take off your shoes before coming into your session (we will provide warm socks!).

Learn more about our individual therapeutic styles by reading about Annabel and Jane here.

What we offer

We will usually do a phone call with you or an email exchange with you before booking you into your first therapy session. The standard session length is 50 minutes, with extended sessions lasting 80 minutes, and you can see the costs in the pricelist below. You may choose how many sessions you attend by agreement with your therapist, and you may cancel your session with 24 hours notice at no cost (but we charge the full fee with less than 24 hours notice).  The cost of each session also includes:

  • Any email or phone correspondence as required
  • Letter writing or provision of short psychological reports to doctors, schools, social workers, or other professional services, if required
  • Brief psychological assessments as required, on an ongoing basis
  • Provision of information, resources and references as required

Therapy pricelist

Price list for sessions in person, online or by telephone:

  • Individual therapy sessions of 50 minutes 105€
  • Individual extended therapy sessions of 80 minutes 170€

Our normal business hours are 9am to 4pm. All sessions starting at or after 4pm have a 10€ out-of-hours surcharge. Family or couples sessions have a 15€ surcharge.

Payment is by bankcard in the session, or in the case of online sessions, you will receive an invoice to pay by bank transfer. At present, KELA does not offer rebates for psychology services, although this may change in the future. In some cases your insurance may cover the costs of therapy sessions with a psychologist and we can help fill in any paperwork you may require.



Contact Us

To make an appointment, call +358 44 9445717  on Tuesday  mornings between 8.30am and 12.30pm to speak directly to a psychologist and book your appointment. Or you can email