About Lizeth


I am a Colombian Psychologist. I hold a Bachelor´s and master´s in Psychology and I also hold a Bachelor´s in education and language teaching from Colombia. I am registered as a Psychologist with VALVIRA in Finland. Currently, I am a master´s candidate in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Clinical and Health psychology.

In my home country, I worked in education for over a decade with kids, teenagers and adults. I also developed the program for suicide prevention/ preservation of life in the prison of Women in Bogota. There, I also carried out programs related to multicultural integration of foreign women in prison, as well as the psycho-social characterization of the women there.

Social psychology is also very close to my heart and my practice, that is how, I also have supported research processes related to differential approach in psychological attention to the Colombian armed-conflict victims, especially in indigenous population. And I also have supported research regarding collective memory with elder people. And this Autumn (2023) I am starting my master´s in Contemporary societies/social psychology at the University of Helsinki, where, my main aim is to do research related to the post-displacement resettlement of indigenous communities in urban centres in Colombia.

In my practice, I integrate evidence-based elements of the cognitive therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology, as well as the cultural sensitivity needed to understand different cultural backgrounds and world visions in the context of therapy.

I offer therapy to adults, young adults and families who may be experiencing depression, anxiety or need support in their integration process to a new culture, decision-making, career counselling, stress management and sleep difficulties. I am able to provide therapy in Spanish and English. I consider therapy as a safe place to be listened with no judgement.

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