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Welcome to Compass Psychology

We currently have six Clinical Psychologists who are registered and working with us – Annabel, Hatty, Kim, Amy, Annelies and Lizeth.

If you or a family member of loved one is seeking psychological therapy please contact us for an appointment. For further information on what to expect from your first session,  read our FAQ page.

Price change in 2024: Since our prices have not risen with the rising living costs since 2020, we have had to make the decision this year to slightly raise our prices for all sessions. Sessions with our most experienced practitioners Annabel and Hatty will go up slightly more for those clients who seek fewer therapy sessions than 4 a month. Price changes will be effective immediately for new clients, but existing clients will have a 3-month period of paying the old fee before the price raises for them. 


Sessions held between 8am and 5pm will be charged at the following rates:

  • What do you charge for therapy?

    Price list for sessions in person, online or by telephone:

    • Individual weekly therapy sessions of 45 minutes are 100€*
    • Individual psychological consultation 50 minutes are 110
    • Extended individual psychological consultation sessions of 80 minutes 175€
    • Individual psychological consultation with Dr Francis-Ehnholm or Ms Battersby of 50 minutes 120
    • Extended individual psychological consultation with Dr Francis-Ehnholm or Ms Battersby of 50 minutes 190
    • Family or couples psychological consultations 125€ for 50 minutes
    • Family or couples psychological consultations 200€ for 80 minutes

There is an out of hours surcharge for all sessions starting at or after 5pm of 10€.

*Weekly therapy sessions of 45 minutes are charged at a reduced rate. For more information on our pricing, see the FAQ page.

Please note that as a clinical psychology service, the cost of each psychological consultation session not only includes the 50 minutes of consulation time, but also any  correspondence, phone calls, emails, note taking, brief psychological assessment or letter writing that may be required. For example, letters to your doctor, school or social worker are included in this cost, as are emails and the provision of references, resources and materials as needed.

Compass Psychology is located in Kluuvi in central Helsinki

Our is at Vuorikatu 22 A 8 near Exit B of University of Helsinki metro station.

We still run the New Mother’s Group at Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 3 B 9 in Töölö, just a short walk from the central Railway station or Kamppi. Parking is available on the street.

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Looking for an affordable therapy option?

Jenine Simons (medical doctor, DBT trainer), is currently working at Compass Psychology and taking low-fee clients.

Her rate is 60€ for a 50 minute session, and 90€ for an extended session of 80 minutes.

She can be contacted directly at to arrange an intake call and session.

You can read more about Jenine here.

And read more about the DBT course she is running here.

Internships at Compass Psychology

We are currently accepting applications for internships for Clinical Psychology students seeking a placement in Helsinki, Finland. Our internships offer:

  • adequate experience in working with clients in individual therapy, long term and short term
  • group therapy and psychology programs and interventions
  • professional development opportunities on a weekly basis
  • high quality individual supervision
  • all office and therapy room facilities
Applicants must be:

  • Currently attending university in a Masters of Psychology program and need a placement.
  • Trained in CBT or similar therapy methods and be able to conduct therapy with clients in a private practice setting
  • in the 5th or 6th year of studies and are in the final stages of their studies and have suitable supervision and insurance for an external placement from their higher education institute.
  • Be willing to pay for weekly supervision fees

Please send your CV to

**Please note that we are not able to facilitate TE office or similar internships (paid or unpaid) within Finland due to insurance and licensing requirements**