Positive Parenting

A 6-session parenting course starting 12th April


 When: 18.00 – 19.30, Wednesdays starting April 12th, 2023, until 17th May

For: Parents of children aged 4-11 years

Where: Vuorikatu 22 A 8, Helsinki

Cost: 32.50€ per session, plus VAT 24%

Refreshments provided

Free childcare available


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“Compass Psychology parenting courses are an extremely well-balanced mixture of valuable research insights, practical advice and motivational peer support, guided by fantastic facilitators.

The concepts are easy to understand and just make so much sense that applying them is both manageable and very rewarding.

Throughout the course you can really see how applying all the small, easy changes helps you (re-)connect with children and makes big and small challenges easier to manage.”

Lilli, participant in Compass Psychology parenting course, October 2022

Welcome to our new 6-session Positive Parenting course developed by Dr Lisa Smith and Dr Hatty Francis-Ehnholm at Compass Psychology.

The 6-session course offers a supportive and reflective space for parents and includes evidence-based strategies backed by neuroscience. You will learn:

  • How to look after yourself as a parent
  • How to identify and reflect on your own triggers as a parent
  • How to create a better connection with your child
  • How to understand the needs that drive behaviour 
  • How to validate your child’s feelings authentically
  • How to use coaching to reduce challenging behaviours and increase social and emotional resilience.
  • How to set clear and healthy boundaries. 


Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs we are asked to do in life, with little or no training, apart from what we have learnt from our own parents. Come and share your stories and concerns in an open, friendly and safe environment.

You and your children will not regret it!


Positive Parenting course

Course starting Wednesday 12th April
Parent and child

Practical Details 

The cost of the course is 35.50€ per session per person, plus VAT. The total cost for 6 sessions is €195 per person plus VAT. We only have 15 spaces available. So sign up now!!


Dates: 12th April, 19th April, 26th April, 3rd May, 10th May, 17th May 


Run time: 18:00-19.30 (every week)


Place: Our new office Vuorikatu 22 A 8 (map and directions in PDF below)


Map and Directions to course location


We are offering free childcare/babysitting on site for your child/children!

For the duration of the program, you can bring your child to be cared for in a separate area while you attend the group.

I would recommend this to all parents, whether you just want to know more about parenting, or whether you want to help your child with ADHD or ASD
Dr Lisa Smith

Further Information

We highly encourage both parents to attend the group. Therefore we offer free childcare/babysitting on site for your child for the duration of the group. We will serve the adult participants tea, coffee and water as well as light refreshments each week.


What is positive parenting? Positive parenting is closely aligned with authoritative parenting, for those who want to bring up children who are able to follow boundaries and have some discipline, but also have good emotional regulation skills, and who are emotionally intelligent and independent.

Four key aspects of positive parenting are:

  • Emotional Self-Regulation in the child (child can accept and cope with their own emotions)
  • Understanding root causes of behaviour in your child (understand the reasons why your child behaves as they do)
  • Relationship Building (build a relationship with your child that will last a lifetime)
  • Modelling (how to model behaviour as a parent)

Would this suit our family? This Positive Parenting course is designed to suit all families and all children. Children with neurodiversity are definitely welcome, and many parents with children who have ADHD or autism spectrum disorder symptoms find the program incredibly helpful. It would also suit parents dealing with children who have challenging behaviours, such as emotional outbursts or aggression. 

What does the cost cover? The cost per session is approximately 32.50€ per session plus VAT. This cost includes free childcare and tea/coffee and refreshments. Most importantly, you will get instruction and personalised advice from a trained child clinical psychologist and receive comprehensive training in an evidence-based positive parenting programme which is 90 minutes per session. By comparison, family therapy sessions usually cost 120 – 180€ per 50 minutes, so the per hour rate for this training program is exceptionally good value. You will also receive all the relevant training materials and information. The location is a spacious and comfortable central Helsinki location at Vuorikatu 22 A 8.

Map and Directions to course location


Want to know more? Contact Dr Lisa Smith directly, or read more about her here

About the facilitators

Dr Lisa Smith is a trained child and adolescent clinical psychologist from the UK. She has specialist training in the psychology of children and adolescents, as well as extensive training in psychological testing, therapy and training. Until 2020, Lisa worked in a CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) in London, UK. You can read more about Lisa here.

Adja Nixon is a student of psychology at Compass Psychology, currently studying at Yorke University, Canada. You can read more about Adja here

Adja Nixon
Hatty and Lisa
Dr Hatty Francis-Ehnholm (on the right) and Dr Lisa Smith (left), are trained child and adolescent clinical psychologists from the UK and facilitators for Compass Psychology’s parenting programme