The Compass Psychology team wishes you very Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas if you celebrate, and a Happy New Year of 2024! This past year has been a time of great change and growth for us, as several new practitioners have joined our wonderful team, we have moved office, and finally got official healthcare provider status by the Regional State Administrative Agency! In addition to working with wonderful clients on a daily basis, what else has Compass Psychology been up to in 2023? Let’s have a look!

March: Moved into a snazzy new office

In March 2023, the whole Compass Psychology team moved into our new office at Vuorikatu 22 A 8. Some groups, such as the New Mothers’ Group, are still held in the old office at Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu, but otherwise this snazzy and spacious new office has become the home of Compass Psychology.

June and December: Gave Helsinki newcomers tips on surviving Finnish summer and winter

In June and December, our directors Annabel Battersby and Hatty Francis-Ehnholm held talks for newcomers in Helsinki about how to care for their well-being in the Finnish summer and winter. These talks have been organised by City of Helsinki and have been a wonderful opportunity to meet new immigrants and expats in the city. Helping people integrate and thrive in Finland is one of Compass Psychology’s core missions, and doing talks such as these is one step towards that!

June: Let loose in Vallisaari

From the left: Annabel Battersby (Director and Clinical Psychologist), Annie Roland (Office Manager), Annelies Van Tieghem (Clinical Psychologist), Hatty Francis-Ehnholm (Clinical Lead and Clinical Psychologist), Kim Seppälä (Clinical Psychologist), Amy Lindroos (Psychologist) and former team-member Adja Nixon (Clinical Psychologist)

In sunny June, our staff went on a day-trip to Vallisaari and had a picnic by the sea. Although one of our former team members, poor Lisa Smith, was attacked by geese the moment she arrived, we had an otherwise lovely day in the sun!

November: Gave a presentation on Healthy Integration

Our practitioners Jenine Simons and Amy Lindroos held a talk at Luckan’s Women’s Cafe. Jenine and Amy are both practitioners who have joined Compass Psychology recently and have integrated in Finland themselves. Through their psychological expertise and personal experience, they are able to effectively support other internationals in their journey of integration.

October: Got inspired at the training day on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Psychology

In this training day, Finnish- and international psychologists got together to discuss the unique barriers and challenges both immigrants and foreign psychologists face in Finland. This inspiring event was organized by the Psykologiliitto (Finnish Psychologist Association) and Psychological Practitioners Finland and featured talks by Antti Klemettilä, Hatty Francis-Ehnholm, Yuko Hori, Stela Salminen and Viktoriia Ivanova.

These events were among many more in 2023 and we are looking forward to a new year of building up Compass Psychology and working hard to support the international community in Helsinki. Thank you all for being involved and we look forward to continuing our journey with you!