Hello everyone,

My name is Kim, and I’ve been working in the psychology field since 2020. Here’s a little bit about me and where I come from: I was born to a German mother and a Finnish father and grew up in a multi-cultural environment. Due to my father’s job, I lived with my family in many countries, including England, Sweden and Vietnam. To this day, I have friends in many continents around the world.

My childhood experiences caused me to understand the vastness of human nature: I realized that each person I come across sees the world in their unique way. Even my brother, whose childhood was very similar to mine, sees life differently to me. This makes my work exciting, for there’s always a new perspective to explore. 

Through my psychology work I also noticed that there are some things that all of us share, no matter what our background might be. Things like emotions: We might have different words and different ways of describing certain emotions, but all of us know what disappointment feels like, or what it feels like to have a crush. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy working with emotions, and helping others navigate through their own emotions – they transcend culture.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching comedies, practising yoga and meditating. My spirituality is an important aspect of my personal life, and it’s something that nourishes me and gives me strength in difficult times. I also believe in the power of creativity and am currently learning creative writing.

My international background is one of the reasons why I really enjoy working at Compass. In fact, I’d say that I feel most at home in places where different cultures meet. It’s a privilege to work in a field that’s all about connection, compassion, and authenticity. 

As we’re entering the dark time of the year, I hope you all remember the light within you and the small things in life that light you up.

With love,

Kim Seppälä

To read more about Kim’s training, therapeutic approach and the services she provides, check out her professional profile.