Recently I went to an anger room with a client to help them with processing feelings of anger in a safe, contained but physically active way. In Raivoomo you can book a 45 minute session in a specially designed room for anger expression. You are given one or two rubber bats, protective equipment like eye glasses and gloves,  and then you close the door and go crazy destroying electrical equipment and glassware. You are even allowed to choose a playlist of your favourite music as a soundtrack to your rage and you get a cold soft drink afterwards.

Anger expression is an important part of most psychotherapy, as many people do not know how to express anger in a healthy way. Anger is the normal response when and injustice has occurred or when someone has crossed your boundaries. Expressing it in a way that does not harm your relationships or perhaps even cause physical harm to yourself, others or your belongings is a useful option. That is why an room which is especially set up for an “anger session” is a great idea. Psychologists at Compass Psychology can attend with you if you are a client, but anyone can also book a session for themselves at any time, or perhaps book with a friend. Staff speak English and are very helpful and friendly. See the website to make a booking:

Psychologist Annabel Battersby at Raivoomo
Raivoomo is in a basement room in Merihaka, Helsinki