Stress reduction webinar: Free!

Tuesday April 25 18.30 pm

with psychologist Amy Lindroos

This free webinar is for people who want to learn how to reduce their stress levels.

What you can expect from the webinar

First, we will talk about the neurophysiology of stress and will bring awareness to what is causing stress in your life and how stress shows up in your body. Then we will do stress-reducing exercises from CBT, mindfulness, and mindful self-compassion. Finally, we will talk about how you can build resilience against stress and learn how to put tools into practice in your everyday life.

If you are experiencing symptoms related to stress such as fatigue, irritability, burnout, or anxiety then this webinar is for you! It is also for people who are juggling many commitments at work and at home or who have had stressful life events.

Join Amy online in the comfort of your own home! The webinar is 80 minutes and includes time for questions

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