Compass Psychology is collaborating with Purna Yoga to offer a wellness day in Helsinki!

When: Sunday 26.5.2024  from 10-18:00, with lunch break

Where:  Purna Yoga Helsinki, Fredrikinkatu 67 E 42

Cost: 135€

Are you ready for a transformative journey of profound insight, self-discovery, and personal growth?
Join yoga teacher Nicola Moberg and psychologists Kim Seppälä and Annelies Van Tieghem for an extraordinary day focused on shining light on your shadow parts. 

Throughout the day, we will engage in nurturing body, mind and soul practices to illuminate and integrate hidden aspects of our being.

With Nicola, you engage in profound bodywork, as emotions, experiences, and traumas are stored within our muscles, particularly in the hips, where our vital energy resides. By releasing long-held tensions, we liberate ourselves from unconscious patterns and attachments. Nicola will lead you through a stress-releasing restorative practice, leaving you grounded, refreshed, and at peace. As part of this practice, you’ll delve into the transformative effects of Heartfull Meditation to finally illuminate your being.

With Kim and Annelies, you will explore shadow work to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance. We will guide you through a journey to reconnect with deep emotions, forgotten needs, and hidden strengths. Through holistic practices, such as mindfulness and journaling, we’ll create space for the aspects within you that long to be seen and expressed. We’ll use neuroscience and visualization practices to access the subconscious mind and envision a more fulfilling future self.

This unique blend of yoga and psychological work creates a safe and supportive environment to explore the complex tapestry of your inner life. We are looking forward to guiding you on this transformative inner journey!

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