This month we are introducing our newest practitioner who has recently joined Compass Psychology in Turku, Clara! To find out more about Clara’s’s professional background and the services she provides, you can read her Compass Psychology profile here. In this post, she will be introducing herself on a more personal note.

“¡Hola! 😊

My name is Clara, a Spanish psychologist living in Turku.

My journey to Finland started in 2013 and it wasn’t just about moving from one country to another; it was an odyssey filled with challenges, and a whole lot of personal growth. Leaving behind the sunny streets of Coria, my tiny hometown, I embarked on an adventure that led me to the land of a thousand lakes. Growing up in a very remote area, I always had this itch to live somewhere different (totally different), surrounded by people from every corner of the globe, each with their own story to tell. Whether it’s the busy streets of Madrid or the calm scenery of Rovaniemi, my life has been a colourful mix of cultures and experiences. 

Curiosity is my primary motivator and driving force in life. From a young age, I’ve been captivated by the unknown, which is perhaps why I found myself naturally drawn to Neuroscience, a field full of mysteries and unanswered questions. Despite our advancements, there are still countless aspects of the human brain that remain enigmatic and elusive. This fascination led me to spend a couple of years immersed in lab work, mostly with computers. It was in 2020 when I realised my true passion lies in working directly with people, so I made the decision to shift my focus towards therapy, prioritizing personal interaction over wrestling with technology (at least for now). However, the same pursuit of knowledge and the thrill of uncovering new insights continue to drive me forward in my work.

Beyond the world of psychology, there’s another passion that has always resonated deeply with me: music. I started playing the flute when I was 6 and I was a music student throughout my entire childhood and teenage years. With my dad playing the bass in a rock band and my grandpa’s natural talent for the accordion, it’s safe to say that music runs deep in my family. The flute has been more than just a hobby to me. It is my happy place, and it brings me so much joy and inner peace every time I play. 

That’s me in a nutshell!

I’m really excited to start working with Compass Psychology. Joining this international team of psychologists feels like joining a big, diverse family. I can’t wait to learn from everyone and make a difference together.

Warm regards, 

Clara de la Riva”