Are you feeling a bit of anxiety or trepidation about the summer holidays and the long break from school or daycare? Compass Psychology is here to help.

Join Dr Hatty Francis-Ehnholm at 18:00 on Tuesday 23rd May for a free webinar aimed at equipping you with advice and ideas to get through the summer holidays with your children/child.

In this 1.5 hour seminar, you will get lots of positive parenting tips to help you through this intense time, therefore making it more enjoyable for everyone in the family. For instance, you will learn how to validate your child’s feelings, thus reducing tantrums and difficult behaviours; you will also learn how to coach and improve your child’s prosocial skills (e.g. listening, sharing,turn-taking and being kind to others). As well as this, you will  get tips on how to deal with meltdowns, sibling arguments and fights and most importantly how to look after yourself! 

There will also be some tips on activities and things to do to keep everyone in the family occupied and entertained.

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